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Find Out Important Details About Dental Emergencies

When you experience emergency dental pain, it is vital to figure out if you need emergency dental care and if your dental insurance policy covers you. Not every dental problem is considered a dental emergency. A toothache, a tooth falling out, pain from a dental crown, or a chipped tooth can be complicated dental issues but not necessarily emergencies. Therefore, it is best to consider your options in advance. In this blog, we will discuss common details about dental emergencies and what to do when facing such situations. 

Are Toothaches Considered As Dental Emergencies?

Even though a toothache should be handled seriously, it may not necessitate emergency dental care. It can be the initial sign of a bigger problem and could lead to complicated situations if not handled on time. You should consult a dentist if you have even a minor toothache. They will help you decide the course of action to follow.

What Are The Common Dental Emergencies?

Things like severe toothache, an injury causing a tooth or multiple teeth to get knocked out, and an infected tooth abscess are some of the common examples of possible dental emergencies. But knowing when to seek emergency dental care is very important.

Get in touch with your dentist whenever you feel dental pain or suffer a trauma or injury in your mouth that includes missing or broken teeth, cuts, and other damage.

Apart from a toothache or other dental issues, your dentist can also provide care for the following:

  • How to fix a chipped tooth
  • Dental crown pain
  • Dental filling falling out
  • Broken teeth
  • Tooth abscess

These situations might not necessarily be considered dental emergencies, but they should be addressed as early as possible. 

What Are The Causes Of Dental Emergencies?

Participating in sports activities, riding bikes, motor vehicle accidents, and workplace mishaps can result in dental injuries and a dental emergency.

Other causes include eating something really hard that fractures or cracks a tooth, chipping a tooth drinking from glass bottles, etc.

An infection may also result in a tooth abscess, which, if neglected, could create a situation that requires to be treated immediately.

How To Know If Something Is A Dental Emergency?

Not all dental pain demands consulting an emergency dentist. If one or multiple teeth have been completely knocked out, you have a mouth injury, or a tooth abscess is causing immense pain, you are advised to visit a dentist immediately.

Severe dental injuries or issues can worsen if not taken care of as early as possible. On the other hand, if you have a filling that has fallen out, a minor chip in your tooth, or a broken wire in your braces, you might be able to wait until your dentist is available. It is better to talk to your dentist for instructions on what to do.

What To Do If You Face A Dental Emergency Situation?

The first thing you should do is call your dentist. They may be able to see you if it is during regular business hours. But, the most challenging part about dental emergencies is that they can happen anytime. If the dental emergency happens outside the business hours of the dental office, look for other options, such as reaching an urgent care center or an emergency room for serious dental injuries. 

Review your dental insurance policy to see how dental emergencies are covered and how much you might have to pay for emergency dental services. 

We hope you now better understand how to handle a dental emergency. Excel Dental offers top-quality emergency dental care in Missouri City, TX, and nearby. We are fortunate to have a team of the best dentists and other dental professionals who are specialists in dealing with complicated situations and fulfilling the requirements of the patients. So, if you are suffering from a dental emergency, visit us without any hesitation.