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Effects Of Smoking

Five Alarming Effects Of Smoking On Your Oral Health

Smoking has sinister effects on your overall physical health. But, most people who have this bad habit fail to realize that smoking can specifically be the reason for numerous oral problems. Keeping this in mind, the best Missouri City dentist has come up with alarming effects of smoking on teeth and gums. Go through them and find reasons to give up on the habit of smoking (if you are a smoker) as early as possible. 

Smoking initiates the buildup of Plaque and Tartar

Smoking regularly affects the flow of saliva into your mouth. You need to know that proper saliva flow is really important to have healthy teeth and gums. The major functions of saliva are to wash away the food particles stuck in between your teeth or along your gum line and also fight against the harmful bacteria present in your mouth. Less flow of saliva creates a perfect circumstance for the growth of bacteria and as a result, increases the risk of suffering from serious dental problems in the days to come. Deposition of the remnant food particles plays a primary role in the build-up of a colorless film-like layer consisting of bacteria known as plaque. It is essential to find out that not removing the plaque daily leads to the formation of a hardened layer called tartar. Once the tartar is formed, it can only be removed by a professional dental hygienist. You must have now figured out how smoking initiates the buildup of plaque or tartar and ultimately causes dental issues such as tooth decay. 

Smoking can be the reason for Yellow Teeth

The shiny white glaze of the teeth is one of the factors that make an attractive smile. Smoking creates yellowish spots on your teeth that hamper the beauty of your smile. Though the advancements in the field of modern dentistry have led to the emergence of dental treatments for various problems, yellowish teeth are one of them. Undergoing a teeth whitening treatment session at a dental office can help you get rid of the yellow stains and regain shiny white teeth. However, continuing to smoke even after the treatment will nullify the outcome of the treatment with time and create yellowish teeth once again. 

Smoking can cause Oral Cancer

People who smoke are more likely to suffer from the problem of throat, lip, or mouth cancer. We can draw an inference from the fact that smoking is one of the major contributing factors to the chances of suffering from oral cancer. Quit smoking if you do not wish to go through immense discomfort and pain. 

Smoking can have an impact on your Blood Circulation

It has been seen that smokers face the problem of bleeding from the gums during brushing and flossing. This can be easily explained if you keep the negative impact of smoking under consideration. Smoking tobacco affects the gum tissues and also interferes with blood circulation, causing severe problems such as gum disease or bleeding from gums. So, avoiding smoking is a prominent factor among the tips to prevent gum disease. You might have also noticed that a smoker’s wound takes longer to heal after going through gum treatment, extraction, and implant if compared with a non-smoker. 

Smoking can cause Bad Breath or Halitosis

Another problem that can be caused due to smoking is bad breath or halitosis. Not smoking along with maintaining a proper oral hygiene routine is a must if you want to resolve this issue. You need to note that ignoring the problem of bad breath for long periods is not good for your overall oral health. 

Now that you have a clear understanding of the effects of smoking tobacco on your oral health, give up this habit immediately. In case of any dental problems, do not hesitate to get in touch with Excel Dental. We not only provide top-quality dental treatments but also choose to answer all questions related to oral health. So, give us a call when in need. The best Missouri City dentist and a team of other dental professionals are here to help you in every possible way. Give us a call today!