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Signs That Indicate You Have a Root Canal Infection

A root canal is a severe dental issue that develops when microorganisms, either from an accident or tooth decay, enter the significant ducts of the teeth. When germs invade the fragile pulp tissue in the tooth’s inner chambers, the situation can swiftly worsen and should be treated as soon as possible. Root canal therapy is a valuable operation to eliminate the infection and save the tooth.

For patients to call the dentist’s office as soon as symptoms arise, dentists educate patients about the signs of root canal infections.

Warning Signs of Root Canal Infection

An oral ailment known as a root canal infection occurs when bacteria enter the inner chamber of the teeth as a result of trauma or untreated dental decay. Because the disease can develop quickly after the bacteria attack the fragile pulp substance of the internal layer of the tooth, patients with a root canal infection should seek treatment right once. Root canal therapy is a successful procedure to remove the infected pulp and save the tooth.

Below are given warning signs of root canal infection.


Painful root canal procedures are possible. Pain prompts patients to get dental care when a root canal infection is active. The pain is intense when biting down or applying pressure to the teeth. Additionally, the tooth may be susceptible to hot and cold foods and beverages.

Tooth Darkening

Infection changes the color of the tooth. When an infection gets to the inner layer of a tooth, the tooth may look brown or yellow. When the condition gets to the pulp tissue, it turns dark brown. During the root canal procedure, the dying or dead pulp will be removed, and gutta-percha will be used to fill the space. The dentist will also crown the tooth to make it look better.

Dental Abscess

When germs and decaying pulp material produce large, pus-filled pockets surrounding the tooth root, an abscess in the mouth manifests as an enlarged or persistent red bump or pimple on the gum that has extreme uneasiness and poor smell. The spot may also begin to leak a foul-smelling substance.

Swelling in the Gum Area

A root canal infection can cause an infection around the gum line of the mouth. When swelling, your gums may hurt and look more red than usual. Most of the time, the swelling and irritation are localized, affecting only the area around the infected tooth.

Final Words

Our bodies can’t send antibodies to the tooth. When the root canal gets infected, the nerves are likely to die. Bacteria will move in if the dead nerve isn’t taken care of quickly. Sometimes, the dentist may take out the dead tooth or do a root canal to get rid of the dead pulp and treat the infection.

If you have any of the above symptoms, you may have an urgent dental problem that needs treatment immediately to keep it from getting worse or causing you to lose a tooth. Get in touch with your Missouri City dentist’s office to schedule an appointment.