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What Happens During A Teeth Cleaning Procedure?

You should not be afraid of a Teeth Cleaning procedure. The treatment is painless and straightforward. Understanding the entire technique will make it easier to get the most out of the procedure. In this blog, our dentists at Excel Dental will explain the dental cleaning method in further detail.

What Happens During A Professional Teeth Cleaning Procedure?

In this section, your favorite Missouri City dentist has outlined the stages of teeth cleaning treatment.

1. A physical examination

In most cases, a dental hygienist performs the operation; however, your dentist in Missouri City can also perform the procedure. The process begins with a physical examination of your entire mouth. This is done using a small dental mirror to look for signs of inflamed gums or other problems all over your gums and teeth. If a serious problem is identified, your Missouri City dentist will have to take care of it before continuing with the cleaning.

2. Getting Rid of Plaque and Tartar

Plaque and tartar will be removed from your gum line with a scaler and a small dental mirror by your dentist in Missouri City. The duration of time it takes to scrape a certain area is determined by the amount of tartar and plaque. Brushing and flossing on a regular basis will assist to prevent plaque from forming and hardening into tartar. Once tartar has formed on your teeth, the only method to get rid of it is to have your dentist do in-office whitening.

3. Cleaning with gritty toothpaste

Following the removal of tartar, your teeth will be cleansed with a powerful electric brush that generates cracking sounds. This is to ensure that any tartar that manages to elude scale is eliminated. The toothpaste used for this part usually tastes like regular toothpaste, but it performs better and you have a variety of flavors to pick from. They also have a gritty texture, ensuring that your teeth are gently cleansed. If you employ a professional, cleaning should be done at least twice a year. To avoid wearing down your enamel, it is important to remember that intensive cleaning should not be done at home.

4. Professional flossing

Whether you floss at home or not, professional flossing will provide you with better results, much to your delight. It will ensure that no plaque is left behind after scaling. It will help eliminate any toothpaste residue left behind after toothpaste cleansing.

5. Rinsing

This is done to eliminate any debris that may remain after all other efforts have been made. To achieve an efficient effect, professional rinsing is typically done using liquid fluoride.

6. Professional teeth cleaning

Fluoride therapy is the final step in the cleansing process. The therapy is crucial in protecting your teeth and preventing cavities for several months. It’s possible that you’ll be asked to select a flavor, which isn’t a big deal. On a mouthpiece that works with your teeth, a foamy gel or sticky paste will be placed. The gel or paste will be left on for about one minute to ensure appropriate penetration. Fluoride varnish will then be applied and allowed to harden when it comes into contact with your saliva. This permits you to immediately eat and drink as much as you desire.

We hope you’ve learned everything you need to know about professional dental cleaning processes. If you’re looking for the best professional teeth cleaning in Missouri City, TX, contact us at Excel Dental.